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Design + Strategy

I use empathy and collaboration to analyze problems and identify real solutions

Building Brands Through Better Experiences

About Me

As a creative, my passion is experience design and strategy. I have consulted with both global and regional brands to help them build stronger identities and more meaningful connections with their consumers.

Trained as an Industrial Designer, from the very beginning my process has been rooted in design thinking, human factors and analytical problem solving.  I have a great appreciation not only for the craft of design, but also the process and psychology attached to it.

As my career evolved into more large scale and spatial initiatives for brands, I built a deep understanding of delivering strong services and compelling experiences to people.  Through designing retail and hospitality environments, my focus was the complexities of the full end to end customer journey.  When working with shopper marketing initiatives, I developed a thorough sensitivity for communication hierarchy and finding the right messages to share at the most relevant parts of the journey.  In exhibit design, I built a great appreciation for the theater of story telling.  All of these skills contribute greatly to my creative process and strategic thinking.

I function best in environments with sharp creatives that are also strong collaborators. I am happiest when working with people that share the same passion as I do for creating work that matters.

Human Centered Design

My approach first and foremost is to ask why.  A firm understanding of who we are designing for and what the needs truly are creates a strong foundation for great work.


Great ideas can come from anywhere.  I believe in the power of the “team” to create the most well rounded and thoughtful work.


Knowing the landscape and where it is moving is vital for identifying opportunities.  A thorough understanding of the market is essential to making informed decisions that will differentiate the creative.

Divergent Thinking

In order to have a good idea, first we must have many ideas.  I approach problem solving by first coming up with as many ideas as possible – exploration without judgement.

Convergent Thinking

Once we have explored the range of what is possible, it is time to find the patterns, narrow the scope and turn the ideas into functional concepts and directions.


There is no better communication tool than a working design.  Ideas must be feasible and in order to ensure this, it is mandatory to test them any way possible.

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Samples Of My Work

Much of this work is the result of a team collaboration.  My contributions have gone across all phases of the process from research to concept/strategy to design development and are listed in each case study detail.  Click on any of the thumbnails below to see more of each project and process.

My philosophy is simple...

The optimism in knowing there is always a better way to do anything drives me to design.


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